About Us

Siflux arose from a common problem in events.

As a former organiser of small and large events, again and again we were confronted with potentially dangerous event situations, so-called near-misses, where, in retrospect, we heard ourselves saying: “luckily THAT did not happen!”.

Since this was not acceptable for us, we focused on finding training and further education opportunities in the event safety area. Unfortunately we quickly realised that there is no such offer in Central Europe. So we decided to take the study “crowd Safety Management” at the internationally renowned Buckinghamshire New University in England which we completed with the highest award of ‘’first class honours”.

With the theoretical knowledge from this study and many years of practical experience, we specialized on the main aspects of event safety:

  • risk management
  • crisis management
  • emergency planning
  • crowd management

We are now no longer event organisers, instead, we offer our expertise to organisers of events of any size. We do not limit ourselves only to temporary events such as concerts, festivals and autograph sessions, we also offer our services to shopping centres, discos, etc. We also provide our knowledge to universities, Universities of Applied Sciences as well as private institutions. We are currently developing an online course on the topic of “Crowd Safety Management”.

We have a preventive, interdisciplinary approach to identify problem areas and draw up counter-measures in advance. As a 100% security cannot be guaranteed, we also plan for emergencies and crises, in order to reduce the probability of occurrence keep the extent of damage to a minimum.

In our work we regard ourselves as your partner. We work respectfully, flexibly and reliably to achieve the goal of “Safe Events” together.