Crowd Management

Crowd Management is “the systematic planning for, and the supervision of, the orderly movement and assembly of people”.

This planning approach works regardless of the type of accumulation, events, shopping centres, christmas markets, etc. Crowd management (Safety) pursues a preventive approach in contrast to crowd control (security) and enables crowd guidance as well as avoidance of high (and dangerous) crowd densities.

As crowd managers we are deal with three main areas:

  • dynamic use of area,
  • static use of area,
  • (crowd) profile.

We consider your event as a system, from ingress, to circulation to egress.

On the basis of a flow profile we calculate whether the access ways meet requirements of given flow capacity and in the case of ticket or body checks, amount of separation locks needed. We plan the entire ingress management, in consideration of available waiting areas, signs and/or additional required personnel or equipment (e.g. barriers and barricade systems).

Within your event site we consider both dynamic, as well as static surfaces, identify problems in advance and offer appropriate counter-measures.

Egress planning is done from two points of view. The normal flow during exit at the end of the event and an immediate egress in the event of an emergency (evacuation). The planning process does not end where the terrain limit is reached, if needed, beyond that. We analyse expected visitor structure for behavioural and demographical aspects. This allows the understanding of prevention, what visitor activities are ”normal” and what not, which (counter) measures should be taken. In addition the possibility is opened for additional precautions for guests or vulnerable target groups.