Risk Management

Every event bears risks caused by spatial concepts (e.g. overcrowding, high density pressure, pushing and shoving), visitors behaviour (e.g. pyrotechnics, vandalism, climbing of fences), but also hazards due to attacks and threats (mass phenomena and reactions to threats, suspicious objects, bomb threats, etc.).

Limited financial resources are a comprehensible decision-making basis for risk-oriented prevention and response planning.

In order to ensure a safe event, risks are identified, analysed and evaluated in advance. Our approach is based on the principles of risk management process in accordance with ISO31000.

On the basis of defined safety goals we identify risks and affected areas, analyse sources as well as probability of occurrence. If, for example, the selected safety goal is avoidance of high pressure within crowds, we analyse areas and crowd movement and break events down in to three event phases: ingress, circulation and egress (normal and emergency), then we combine our knowledge with expected guests routes, areas and crowd profile.

You receive an in advance a comprehensive list of safety risks and occurrences that could have a negative influence on your event. In addition we visualise the risks within a three-stage risk matrix to present solutions while we support you in the decision-making process.