Crowd Management Online Course

Crowd Management Online Course

Based on years of experience and input from numerous lectures at universities and universities of applied sciences we are currently developing an online course about “Crowd Safety Management”. This intensive course will cover aspects of safety, risk and crowd management.  After completion of the online course participants will be able to identify event-related problem areas in advance and plan preventive and reactive countermeasures ensuring visitors safety and satisfaction.

Main contents are:

  • risk management process
  • static and dynamic space requirements of persons
  • crowd densities
  • crowd dynamics
  • behaviour of people in emergency situations
  • crowd flow calculations
  • ingress and egress planning
  • barrier planning
  • presentation of information to visitors
  • emergency planning

After completion each participant receives a certificate of participation.

This course will be available during the year 2019.

For further questions do not hesitate to contact us.