We Love Crowds

And that is why we love to plan for people. For their safety and a carefree enjoyment of your event.

How can we help you?

Create a safety concept?

We create safety concepts to make your guests, the authorities, the respective law and you happy.

Tailored to the needs of your guests and your budget.

Create an evacuation plan?

To make sure it really works when it is necessary.

From conception and planning to briefings - everything from one source for seamless integration into your event.

Create a crowd management plan?

Adequate waiting times, queue management, crowd flow that work, adequate space, perfect guidance and information of visitors.

For the satisfaction of your guests.

A tailor-made emergency plan?

Based on a risk assessment, we identify the most important scenarios, determine the necessary processes and draw up checklists so that you are prepared for their occurrence and know how to deal with different situations.

Area and Site planning

We help you with the area and site planning of your event or event location and coordinate it with your event management plan.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly on event day.

Calculate the Site Capacity

You would like to know how many guests you can welcome to your event?

We will calculate the location capacity with applicable laws, standards and guidelines and bring in our crowd management expertise.

Communication Plan

A communication plan that takes both your internal and external communication to a new level and acts as a crucial gateway to your emergency planning.

Evaluate and Revice

You already have plans - but somehow they don't really work out or you don't have a good feeling about them?

No problem - we evaluate and revise (if necessary) your existing plans.

Just a little thing?

You don't need a complete concept right away, but only some help with a detailed question? No problem - just give us a call.

About us

Knowledge and Experience - What are you Waiting for?

With a degree in "Crowd Safety Management" with the highest distinction "First-Class Honours" from Buckinghamshire University (UK) and a few other studies (including "Sports And Event Management") as well as over 15 years of event experience, we are your professional planning partner.

We have already successfully delivered our services for a wide variety of projects (festivals, cultural events, music and sports events, locations, shopping malls, etc.) in various sizes (from 450 to 400,000 visitors).

And we do not "only" leave it at the conception stage. We support and accompany you through all administrative steps. We brief the security personnel (and other contractors), take over the safety management on site and act as safety officer according to EN 13200-8.


Discover how we make the difference for your event.

Every place where people meet is important. And for people to enjoy these places, including all the impressions and experiences, they must feel safe and comfortable.

And this is exactly what we are planning for. No matter what the size - we believe that profound knowledge and detailed planning in advance make the difference. For you and your guests.


Check what our clients say about us

We have been working with Martin Bardy since 2016. With his expertise and knowledge we managed to further develop our festivals, especially in Crowd & Safety Management. Working with Martin is really fun, he is solution-oriented, pragmatic and reliable. And most important - with Martin in our team, visitors are safer.

Michael Struber

COO of Revolution Event GmbH

Mr. Bardy has advised Johannes Kepler University with regard to events in the student area in a very committed and competent manner. With his high level of expertise and his pragmatic approach, he has made a significant contribution to increase safety at student parties.

Alexander Freischlager

Operation Management - Johannes Kepler University Linz

THANKS for your cool work, really well done and I'm glad, I didn't have more to do with it.

Thanks for your work! Great pleasure! Cheers, Benny

Benny Hörtnagl 


As a service provider for fire protection and safety planning, we are always looking for competent partners. Competent, reliable and solution-oriented! With siflux we have found a partner who is available to us at any time and with incredible commitment. You notice in every detail that the work that is done is loved. We are more than happy that we can always count on the professional expertise of siflux.

Stephan Pernkopf

Team Leader Fire Protection and Safety Planning - HIG Group

We brought Martin on board because we wanted to invest further in event safety and crowd management.

Thanks to Martin we have taken this topic to a whole new level.A close partnership has developed that we would not want to miss.  I personally can only recommend it to every organizer: Get experts in those areas that have absolutely no tolerance for failures.

Tim Moser

CEO & Co-Founder Electric Love Festival

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